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Instead of reselling her old costume jewelry, one senior living associate found a way to give back to some of her favorite people, her residents at Morning Pointe Senior Living.

If you know Kari Christopher, a life enrichment director at Morning Pointe of Knoxville Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Memory Care, then chances are you know she loves that special little something that can MAKE an outfit – that’s right, the perfect accessory:  jewelry. “I love jewelry and most girls do,” smiles Christopher. “It makes you feel good.”

So, Kari decided to share ‘the love’ with her female residents. “I cleaned out my jewelry box and the idea snowballed from there,” explains Christopher. She collected all of the pieces over the last year. “Instead of taking it to a resale shop, I chose to bring it to my residents.”


All of the items were costume jewelry and some were unique. “The ladies got most excited about the necklaces,” smiles Christopher. “They say, ‘Oh, I needed a black necklace,’ or ‘I have been looking for a string of pearls.’” Kari took time to go door-to-door surprising each of her residents with a special piece of jewelry.  Many couldn’t believe it was a gift. “We can have this?” asks Melba Hutcherson, a resident at Morning Pointe of Knoxville. “We don’t have to pay,” she says in disbelief.  Most of the residents asked how much they owed Kari. “They have a hard time grasping how loved they are,” says Christopher, “and, that so many people are delighted to share these beautiful items with them.”

This is the first time Kari has ever done anything like this. Nevertheless, as a senior activity director for twelve years, making her residents happy is just what she does. “I love working with seniors because I have the opportunity every day to lift them up and in turn, they do the same for me,” explains Christopher. “There is a very raw, unfiltered honesty in the words they share. It is nice to hear it straight and have them build you up or simply give you advice. We have so much to learn from seniors.”


That’s what keeps Kari right where she is, happily working in senior living. “Morning Pointe has been unlike any senior living community I’ve ever worked in,” shares Christopher. “The foundation of the company is what attracted me to working here.  We are a team, a partnership, truly a family.”

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