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Signs You May Need Alzheimer’s Care

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

  • They are telling you the same story over and over.
  • They start making financial mistakes.

As the Disease Progresses

  • They are not socializing.
  • They start staying home most of the time.
  • They won’t go to the grocery or venture out.
  • They aren’t as familiar with where they are going anymore.
These signs could mean that it’s time to start looking for specialized care.

Bigger Issues and Safety Concerns

  • Poor hygiene
  • Hair is not washed
  • Wearing same clothes day after day
  • Spoiled food in fridge
  • Medications haphazardly hidden throughout the house
  • Keys left in the fridge
  • Things are out of place
You should be alert for bigger safety issues like leaving the stove on.

Don’t wait for a crisis to respond. Many seniors respond better in memory care communities when they settle into their new home sooner rather than later.