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Ann Fuchs was born in 1928. She was born and raised in Kentucky, and all 6 children, 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren live within just a few minutes of Morning Pointe. She met her husband, Al, (six feet and one inch tall, cool blue eyes and coal black hair) a few years after high school. They married on June 19, 1948 in St. Elizabeth Church at eight on a Saturday morning. Ann describes that morning as the proudest moment of her life because she was starting a new life with a man she knew anyone could trust. As a young woman managing the responsibilities of raising a family, Ann committed herself to meeting a few hours every week with a group of young women called “Falls of the Ohio”. This was a chapter of the Sweet Adeline’s International Women’s Singing Group. She sang for seven years and one of those years they competed at nationals in California and won first place. Her favorite pastimes when she was younger were dancing and bowling. Now, she fancies word games, music, and knitting. She knits granny dishrags for her children who frequent her home. One son says that he won’t do the dishes without one of her handmade dishrags. Every summer her entire family gathers at Cumberland Lake to enjoy life together. She says, “set me on the porch, give me a bag of apples, and I’m content as a pig on ice.”