You can count on Mr. Lowery to be the one to start and keep a conversation going. He was born and raised here in Calhoun, GA and can tell you all about it. Richard’s friend was attending Georgia Tech one year and let him know that it was the new place he needed to be. He trusted his friend and joined Georgia Tech, graduating in Textile Engineering in 1949. Richard’s Loyalty is found in everything he does. If he tells you that he is going to do something, you can be sure he is going to follow through. Qualities like trust and loyalty are hard to find these days and we are lucky to have found them in such a friendly soul as Richard. After College Life, Richard met and married his wife Jean. Richard and Jean went on to have 2 daughters, Julie, and Vynette. Then they had their only son, Richard Jr. Their family was finally full. It might sound cliche, but The Lowery Family lived “happily ever after”.