Juanita has been a member of the Morning Pointe family since July of 2015. She brings wonderful conversation, smiles and laughter to the staff and her neighbors since her arrival. Juanita was married to John Hagaman for 54 years. Out of their union they had three wonderful children Phil, Steve, and Susan. Juanita also has six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Just recently Juanita ventured to Florida to watch her beautiful granddaughter tie-the-knot. Juanita worked at Armco during wartime doing clerical work, but she has always had a passion for books which lead her to her profession as a librarian at Paul Blazer for 18 years. Juanita enjoys painting and gardening. She was one of the founding members of the Southern Hills Garden Club and still attends monthly garden club activities. Juanita and her husband were also a part of a dance club where they traveled all over the world including Hawaii and Europe. Juanita has lived an exciting and fulfilled life. It is clear to see she is a social butterfly, always engaging others in pleasant conversation, wishing every passerby a good day, and smiling as she strolls the halls of Morning Pointe. Since Juanita has been a part of our Morning Pointe family one will often find she is going out with her friends for social gatherings, attending garden club activities, or socializing with her neighbors. It is a pleasure to count Ms. Juanita a member of the Morning Pointe family!