Emanuel “Manny” Mingo was born to parents James and Rose Mingo in Passaic, New Jersey. Manny grew up with his sister Connie in the family’s two-story home. His mother’s beauty salon was on the first floor. Manny graduated Passaic High School. In 1949, Manny married Bernice Seidler and together they had seven children: six sons and one daughter. In his mid-twenties Manny owned an ice cream and sandwich shop called Manny’s Sweet Shop. He also worked for the American Tobacco Company and when offered a promotion, he was given the choice to move to North Carolina or Kentucky. As a young boy, Manny watched the Wildcats play at Madison Square Garden and chose to move to Kentucky because of them. Manny enjoys music especially Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and big band songs. After retirement, Manny was the only male dancer in a local dance troop known as the Energizer Dancers who performed all over the state and even the country. Manny was a long-time member of the Lexington Athletic Club where he and his fellows dancers rehashed their¬†routines. For many years, Manny attended a coffee group for retirees at a local Arby’s on Tates Creek Road. Manny is very proud of his children and enjoys spending lots of time with all of them. He likes to stay busy and is even planting a garden. Manny came to the Lantern in 2016. He likes spending time with his fellow residents, listening to music or going for walks. Manny’s sense of humor keeps everyone laughing.