Morning Pointe of Clinton is happy to welcome two new residents, Gerri and Bill Brown. Gerri was born and raised in Clinton. Gerri told me that her family had chickens when she was young, come to find out another   one of our residents, Leon May, used to deliver the chicken feed to her house. Husking corn and breaking beans for her mother to can are also good childhood memories for Gerri. Bill was born in New River, Tennessee, which he tells me is coal mining country. Bill went to Lake City High School where he played football. Left end was his position and he wore number 18, just like Peyton Manning. Bill tells me that he is a good housekeeper, something that he learned from his mother. Gerri and Bill met each other when they were teenagers. Both married and had one child, a son for Gerri and a daughter for Bill. When Bill divorced he was working at Union Carbide and his co-workers told him that Gerri was also divorced. Bill says that he couldn’t get to a phone fast enough to call and ask Gerri for a date. Gerri said she was thrilled to get his call and, of course, she said yes. April 14, 1978 was their wedding day and  they  both tell me that it was a wonderful day. Gerri says that Bill is a good dancer. Gerri worked at X-10 but had to retire due to a back injury that she suffered in a car accident. Bill’s housekeeping skills were put to use after Gerri’s accident. Now that both are retired and living at Morning Pointe, Gerri is catching up on her reading. Bill likes to watch TV and they both look forward to visits from their family.