Morning Pointe Associate Brings “Pony Therapy” to Residents

ATHENS, Tenn. — Kim Walton, CNA at Morning Pointe of Athens, knew exactly how to make her residents smile. The associate from Madisonville brought her two miniature horses, Snowflake and Snuggles to meet the seniors at the assisted living community.

“The experience was so positive for the residents,” says Shelby Wilson, life enrichment director at Morning Pointe. “Kim found a special way to share a bit of her lifestyle with the seniors. Everyone came away with great memories of their new horse friends.”

Behind every Meaningful Day™ are a team of associates like Walton who share their talents, gifts, hobbies and interests with the residents to make a difference in their lives. To learn more about Morning Pointe associates who are making their mark, visit

Photo: Jamar Wilkerson and Kim Walton, CNA, brought miniature horses Snowflake and Snuggles to meet the seniors at Morning Pointe of Athens.

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