The residents of Morning Pointe of Lexington (KY) recently got the chance to steal the spotlight, thanks to Morning Pointe resident assistant Donna Peurifoy and her husband, Tom Peurifoy. The couple, who have been performing with puppets for over a year, staged a puppet show and invited the residents of the personal care community to participate. Residents either sang along to the songs featured in the show or manipulated the Peurifoys’ intricate puppets to make it seem as though the puppets were singing. After the show concluded, the residents treated themselves to ice cream as a reward for their hard work. Everyone involved had a wonderful time, and the fact that Peurifoy put so much time and energy into entertaining the residents of this community is a testament to her devotion to them.
Thank you, Donna for “Making Your Mark” and making a difference in the lives of the seniors we serve. Morning Pointe continues to celebrate every associate success throughout 2018.
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