Something very powerful happens when people sing together. Individual voices blend together to create one, cohesive whole. Few things can produce the profound joy that comes from listening to many passionate and cheerful voices sing together. However, the residents of the Life Care nursing home in Athens, Tennessee experienced that joy when the newly-created Morning Pointe of Athens (TN) choir performed in public for the first time. Both Morning Pointe residents and associates participated.
“The room was packed, and our residents sang while…[Resident Services Coordinator] Jason Greenway [and I] played guitar and sang, respectively,” says Shelby Wilson, the Life Enrichment Coordinator at Morning Pointe of Athens. “They sang about seven gospel songs… Stephanie German, one of our LPNs [licensed practical nurses], came on her off time, and participated with our residents. She had just [finished] her shift…”
Thank you, Shelby, Jason, and Stephanie for “Making Your Mark” and making a difference in the lives of the seniors we serve. Morning Pointe continues to celebrate every associate success throughout 2018.
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