Morning Pointe of Hixson (TN) is proud to present Lisa Garner with this quarter’s “Exceeding Expectations” award. Garner been a resident assistant at Morning Pointe of Hixson since October 13, 2012.
One of the residents who nominated Garner called her “a model resident assistant.” To illustrate Garner’s dedication, the resident described “an evening where [the resident] had felt nervous and anxious” and Garner “made [the resident] feel calm, and [the resident] fell asleep almost immediately.” This resident went on to say that Garner “has been on the spot when [the resident has] had low blood sugar and has taken the action needed” before adding, with a touch of humor, “She’s also the best sheet-folder.” Clearly, Garner’s personal connection with this resident runs very deep, and her desire to form lasting relationships with her residents demonstrates Garner’s commitment to them and to Morning Pointe of Hixson as a whole.
Thank you, Lisa for “Making Your Mark” and making a difference in the lives of the seniors we serve. Morning Pointe continues to celebrate every associate success throughout 2018.
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