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Morning Pointe of Greeneville resident Katherine Anderson recently celebrated her 107th birthday. In honor of her special day, the assisted living community hosted a small gathering of fellow residents, complete with German chocolate cake and other refreshments. Ms. Anderson was also able to celebrate with her family via FaceTime.
Born in 1913 in Courtland, Illinois, Anderson has accumulated more than a century of life experiences, spending her early childhood years on a farm without electricity or running water, attending a one-room schoolhouse, dropping out of high school due to the economic pressures of the Great Depression, rationing meat and sugar during World War II, watching the launch of Sputnik 1 during the Space Race, witnessing the rise of computers and social media, and more.
“This is such a huge milestone for Ms. Anderson, and it was an honor to be able to observe such a special occasion with her,” said Morning Pointe executive director Delora Bibb. “She’s a real inspiration. She has so much energy and enthusiasm for life.”