Morning Pointe Residents Attend Georgia Apple Festival
Although pumpkin spice has been “the” fall flavor for the past couple of years, there is no denying that the taste of apples is also strongly associated with the season. As the leaves begin to change and the weather grows colder, the residents of Morning Pointe of Calhoun (GA) have found themselves craving the crisp crunch of a good apple. Following their stomachs, they journeyed to Ellijay, Georgia to attend the Georgia Apple Festival.
“There was not an apple barn in Elljay […] that our Morning Pointe residents did not visit,” says Lisa Caldwell, the Life Enrichment Director at Morning Pointe of Calhoun. “We visited all of the barns, picking up baskets of apples, fried pies, homemade ice cream, pumpkins, homemade candies, and apple pies. We had a great time!”
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