Resident, Rick Mosbaugh felt strongly convicted that Morning Pointe residents should do their part to help with the Indiana Bicentennial Celebration of 2016. When you look back in history, even as far as Feb. 18, 1898, the USS Maine was sunk in Cuban waters, igniting the Spanish-American War, Indiana sent 7,000 troops. The soldiers were proudly displaying the American flag. While on a trip to Gray’ Bros. Cafeteria, residents noticed multiple flags hanging on homes that needed to be retired and operation “You’ve been Flagged” was born. As we travel the roads with new flags in hand, we will have our eyes on the lookout for more worn and tattered flags. We are joining efforts with Eagle Scout Jaren Brownlee, Troop #259, who will help us in the proper disposal of the American flags collected. We would love to be able to say we replaced and retired 200 flags throughout the year. Please help join our efforts. You are welcome to drop off your flag at Morning Pointe or join us for the ceremony here in June and December.