LOUISVILLE, KY — Morning Pointe of Louisville residents embraced the art of gentle movement during a tai chi class offered by Highland Community Ministries in Louisville.

The Chinese martial art — often referred to as “moving meditation” — is cited by many sources as a beneficial approach to maintaining balance, reducing stress and managing anxiety.

As part of the Life Enrichment Program, the senior living and memory care community welcomes local organizations to interact with the residents, encouraging healthy, active lifestyles.

Jeffery Graham-Lietz, principal instructor and tai chi practitioner for more than 17 years, led the course. The seniors spoke of the soothing experience achieved through the slow and steady exercise.

Photo: (left to right, first row) Hilda Lyons, Margaret Degrella, Loretta Luckett, (left to right, second row) Doris Furman, Jewel Dailey, and Carl Ditsch, Morning Pointe of Louisville residents, engage in a tai chi routine instructed by the Highland Community Ministries.