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LEXINGTON, KY — Seniors put safety first at Morning Pointe of Lexington, as the senior living residents created “survival kits” for local firefighters. Assorted candies and trinkets were included in each kit, along with a few words of encouragement represented by each of the items.

Life Saver: To remind you of the many times you’ve been one.
Starburst: For that burst of energy you’ll need.
Payday: Because you’re not doing it for the money.
Paper Clip: To help hold it all together.
Hershey Kisses: Because you deserve them from all.
Gum: To help your unit to stick together.
Tootsie Roll: To help you roll with the punches.
Peppermint Patty: To help you keep your cool.
Snickers: To remind you to keep your sense of humor.
Mounds: For the “mounds” of courage you need.

“Our residents enjoyed giving back to the people who serve and protect us in their own way,” says Rena Fisher, life enrichment director at Morning Pointe. “It was a great experience for the seniors.”

But acts of kindness are nothing new for the residents. As part of the Meaningful Day(tm) program, Morning Pointe is partnering with local organizations to pay it forward, and giving residents the opportunity to put their lifelong talents and crafts to use for the greater good. The yearlong community service campaign, called “Make Your Mark,” is a company-wide volunteer effort to give back 20,000 hours of community service in 2017.

Photo: Morning Pointe of Lexington (KY) residents Jean Wallace and Sandy Newby, fill “survival kits” with candy to be delivered to local firefighters at Lexington Fire Station No. 15.

Photo: Lexington Fire Station #15 Fireman Greg Weddington, Morning Pointe of Lexington (KY) resident Reva Brumagen, Fireman Shannon Isaacs, Morning Pointe residents Jo Ramey and Norma Walton, and Fireman Eric Bottoms.