Chattanooga, TN, June 2015 – Patience. One of the many things Morning Pointe resident Bobby Burleson has learned over the years while raising his daughters. Man of the house is one way to put it.  Or better yet, only man in the house. That’s how it was for Morning Pointe resident Bobby Burleson while raising his five daughters. With no boys in the family, Burleson is the proud father of five daughters and grandfather of nine granddaughters.

Luckily, he had his wife Dimple by his side. Married on December 21, 1956, Bobby and Dimple Burleson have been together for 58 years.

When asked what it was like raising five girls, Burleson’s face lit up. “It has been great,” he said with a smile. “Lots of people are always saying, ‘Oh you poor thing, you’ve got all those girls,’ but I feel just the opposite,” he said. “They’ve just been a joy to us. They’re good girls.”

And his daughters think the same about their dad. Burleson’s second oldest daughter, Lisa, said her father painted the perfect picture of what a father figure is supposed to look like. “My dad gave me a really great representation of a father, particularly my heavily Father because he has always been a godly man,” Lisa Hunt said.  “I’ve really been able to understand how the Lord loves me because of how my dad loves the Lord.”

Hunt also said she understands the meaning of love thanks to her father.  “It was evident in everything he did; his work ethic, the way he loves my mom, the way he loves us. It is just completely selfless.” Growing up, they were a very close family that did many things together. For vacations, they frequented Destin, Fla., where they had a condo for almost ten years.  They even built their house in Ringgold, Ga., so that everyone could always be together. “We built it all on one central location where the living room and the dining area and kitchen all came together so that on holidays, everyone was a part of it,” Dimple said.

And as far as closeness goes, things haven’t changed a bit. Burleson said to this day his daughters are still very close to one another. Every year they get together for a “Sisters’ Retreat” and explore different places around the country with each other.

Burleson said he advises future fathers to always love and listen to their children. “Love is just very central to a family life,” he said. “I find that there’s something sort of special about a daughter and her father and it’s just a great feeling to know that if they have a problem, they’ll talk to me about it.  Of course they’ll talk to their mother, but they’ve always been able to talk to me.”

Burleson will be celebrating this Father’s Day with his five daughters and granddaughters at Morning Pointe of Chattanooga at Shallowford during the Father’s Day Brunch taking place at the assisted living community June 16 at 10 a.m. The Burlesons were among the first residents to move into the newly built Morning Pointe community when it opened at the beginning of the year and this is the first Father’s Day to be celebrated at the new building.