During a group tour at the new Morning Pointe of Franklin (TN), guest Evelyn Gatlin came face to face with herself 70 years in the past.

While walking through the corridor past the assisted living community’s Legacy Wall — a gallery of vintage Williamson County photographs — Ms. Gatlin spotted something oddly familiar. With a slight grin on her face, she pointed to the black and white photo and said, “That’s me.”

The photo was a group portrait taken in 1947 of her and the staff at the former Wilson’s Cheese Factory, where she worked as a bookkeeper. Ms. Gatlin proceeded to share her life story, as everyone witnessed the growing excitement in her voice as she recalled a time when life was beaming with possibilities.

Up and down the halls of the assisted living community, the walls are adorned with framed photographs and colorful murals that chronicle the area’s rich history, bringing distant memories close to those who call the Morning Pointe home.

Photo: Evelyn Gatlin, guest at the new Morning Pointe of Franklin, found a photograph of herself taken in 1947 in the gallery at the assisted living community.