Morning Pointe of Brentwood resident Vivian Portell read a poem titled “Get the Pointe” during the monthly Poetry Night at the assisted living community.

After supper, residents gather to recite and listen to poems they’ve written or that have been written by a famous poet. Ms. Portell always writes a poem for the event, and the residents enjoy hearing her most recent work.

Get the Pointe?
by Vivian Portell

Favorite foods all you can eat
Invite a friend, it’s a nice place to greet
Being a senior, you should enjoy it well
And tipping will not be on your bill
Nice old movie re-runs will seem new
And Regie and Chris will serve you popcorn too
Fellows, there’s a pancake breakfast here Tuesday too,
so come dressed casual all of you
You’ll find for assisted living to be the best
More so than all the rest
Get the Pointe?

Photo: Vivian Portell, Morning Pointe of Brentwood resident, recites a poem every month at the assisted living community’s poetry night.