Ruth was born in Detroit, Michigan as the middle sibling to her parents.Ruth’s family moved to Miami when Ruth was five. At the age of twelve, Ruth traveled to Philadelphia with her mother to sing on a radio station. This is when Ruth decided to become a professional singer. Ruth’s mother supported her ambition. Her father, however, did not. Ruth moved in with older sister during what would have been her eleventh-grade year. She then got a job at a Miami nightclub where she met her first husband. The marriage ended and Ruth worked in other facilities. She then met Wally Simpson. Ruth and Wally married in 1951 and moved to Los Angelos before moving to Alaska. They eventually moved back to Miami in 1956. This is where Ruth began attending First Baptist Church of North Miami. Ruth became heavily involved in the choir here and continued to use her voice to celebrate her faith. Ruth and Wally divorced. Ruth went back to nursing school, as she was now a single mother. Upon finishing school, Ruth accepted a job in the maternity ward of a hospital. Ruth had three children of her own  and always loved babies and taking care of others. Nursing proved to be the perfect career for such a selfless lady. Ruth eventually met a man named Douglas and was hired as his full-time caregiver. Ruth took care of Douglas until his death. She was able to travel the world with him all while remaining close to her two grandchildren. Ruth devoted her life to her family, church, and career as a nurse. Ruth moved to The Lantern of Morning Pointe of Powell in July of2015. Ruth loves children and showing affection to her loved ones. She loves smiling faces from residents and staff at Morning Pointe and we all love her smiling face as well!