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After the conference I had been giving chair volleyball thought and wondered what I could do to make it better. Thought about it and thought about it. I started a list of who and how many places come to Morning Pointe to play with the residents. The list grew to 15. I thought “that’s great, but how about if I try and get that list to grow to 20.” So I started praying as well as asking anyone I would come across but on Oct. 31st I get an email from LeAnne Middleton saying she is a soldier at Camp Atterbury Armory which is just about 3 minutes from Morning Pointe and wanted to know if a group of soldiers could come over and interact with the residents? I don’t know why I am shocked how the Lord sends people to me. I should be used to it by now, but I am not. Soldiers! Oh my gosh. She said I realize it is late notice but we want to do something soon. Before you knew it we had conversed multiple times and the day and time was set. 18 soldiers came and spent the morning with us playing volleyball and then stayed and had lunch with us.