The spirit of Halloween was certainly alive at Morning Pointe of Greeneville (TN), as the assisted living community welcomed over 200 trick-or-treaters into its hallowed halls. Once inside, however, the intrepid candy-seekers found no ghosts or goblins—only Halloween treats!
“We love Halloween at Morning Pointe of Greeneville!” exclaims Amanda Hurley, the Life Enrichment Director at Morning Pointe of Greeneville. “The residents and the staff dressed up as the 101 Dalmatians. We enjoyed making our own costumes and greeting the kids!”
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Photo Caption: Morning Pointe of Greeneville associates Tonda Laws, Delora Bibb, and Amanda Hurley (front row) and Judy Coulston, Mary Gross, Kathy Hensley, and Penny Williams (back row) show off their spots for Halloween!