Morning Pointe at Lenoir City welcomes our newest resident, Frances Wilkins. She most recently was a resident of Oak Ridge. She married her husband, Nelson in 1946. She speaks so fondly of the memories with him and her family. awhile, then when her husband retired, they began to travel again. She started working in libraries and archives at state and national parks. She also has worked with butterflies  She tells of her husband retiring but then becoming a seasonal park ranger, due to his years of service with the Boy Scouts. She is very proud of their accomplishments in life. Frances’ enjoyed trips to Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and more. She says she never got to see the Eiffel Tower, but wished she did! She and Nelson spent time traveling with Dr. AJ Sharpe, a renowned botanist from UT. She has many memories of the trips they took together! Frances was athletic in her younger years and played basketball for Oak Ridge. She also enjoys playing the piano and researching her family genealogy. Frances and Nelson were at a national park when they were asked by a local artist to paint this portrait of Nelson. This is one of her prized possessions and loves it dearly.