Allie was born to a Bulgarian immigrant father and a mother who was part American Indian. She grew up with one older sister Anna, and one younger sister Allois and baby brother Alec. Her father was a coal miner but was eventually pulled from the mine for health reasons. He and her mother, Zona, worked very hard to make a living during the depression by picking berries, digging roots and raising things to sell, mainly to the mining camp. They also did housecleaning, gardening and sitting for people. Allie and Anna helped with all of this. When Allie and Anna were in their junior year of high school (they started school together and were always in the same grade), they were offered the job of janitor of the Dunham school. For two years they built the fires in the pot-bellied stove, cleaned the school, oiled the woodwork, and washed the Allie was 16 when she graduated. She babysat children until she turned 18 when she started working at the company store. The post office was in the store and her boss had her run it. During WWII, she helped many who couldn’t write well, address and pen letters to their boys overseas. Allie married Ed Webb when she was 22. Ed was a local boy and also a coal miner. The next yr she left her job at the P.O. right before her first son was born. He was the 1st of 10 children! She has instilled her good work ethic in them and they are all successful. She is loving and kind to everyone and we are so happy to have her here with us at Richmond MP!!