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Caregiver Café, An Educational Seminar Series Morning Pointe Foundation

Caregiver Café

An Educational Seminar Series

Caregiver Café is an educational seminar series that connects senior living experts with seniors, caregivers, and families. Proudly sponsored by the Morning Pointe Foundation and provided at no cost to participants. This series is designed to bring helpful information and answer questions about common issues impacting seniors and caregivers.

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PARKINSON'S DISEASE: More Than Motor Symptoms

March 7 | 6:30 PM EST

Featured Guest Speaker:

 Mazhar Khowaja, MD 

 Board Certified Psychiatrist with 25 years experience working in the Parkinson’s field. 

Dr. Khowaja currently serves as the medical director for Deer Oaks, a private practice group. 

Topic of Discussion:

  •  What is Parkinson’s psychosis, (delusions and hallucinations), how common is it and how to recognize it? 

  • What is the brain chemistry that explains psychosis in Parkinson’s disease? 

  • Why treat and how to treat it? 

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