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Disaster Preparedness Plan

At Morning Pointe Senior Living, your loved one’s safety is our utmost priority. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure we’re prepared. Our comprehensive disaster preparedness plan is designed to protect the well-being of our residents, staff, and visitors. 

Tornado Response Experience 2020

Morning Pointe Senior Living has firsthand experience responding successfully to natural disaster. On April 12, 2020, a tornado hit two of our Chattanooga, Tennessee, communities. The assisted living and memory care buildings were destroyed, but our associates successfully protected our residents, leading to no casualties. Our response team, including regional team members and home office staff, deployed immediately and worked with local response agencies to safely transport residents from our affected buildings to safe lodgings. Over the following days, the Morning Pointe team found appropriate new homes for these residents. Since then, both buildings have been rebuilt into beautiful communities that serve the senior living needs of the Chattanooga area. 

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Unwavering Commitment to Safety

Our disaster preparedness plan integrates seamlessly with our daily operations. It’s a proactive strategy so that in the face of an emergency, we’re ready to act swiftly and efficiently. Our team is trained to handle a range of potential disaster situations, from fires and floods to severe weather events and more. 

Training and Education

Morning Pointe’s associates undergo regular training, equipping them with best practices in disaster response. Our training program includes evacuation drills, first aid, crisis communication, and resource allocation. If disaster strikes, every member of our team knows their role and can take immediate, effective action. 

Resources for the Unexpected

Morning Pointe’s buildings are prepared for a variety of possibilities. Our facilities are equipped with emergency power generators in the event of a power outage, as well as flashlights, batteries, and backup supplies of food and water.  

Partnerships and Community Engagement

Collaboration is key to effective disaster management. We maintain strong relationships with local emergency services, healthcare providers, and relief organizations, so that the broader community is engaged in our collective safety. 

Family Communication

We understand that keeping you informed is just as important as keeping your loved one safe. In the event of a disaster, we have mechanisms in place to communicate swiftly with all family members, providing regular updates and peace of mind during difficult times. These include phone calls, emails, and texts. 

At Morning Pointe Senior Living, we’re not just prepared for disaster we’re prepared for life. Because we believe that living well also means being well prepared. Our goal is for our residents to live their best, safest lives, no matter what comes our way. 

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