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Life Enrichment at Morning Pointe

Create Purposeful Days

We believe that aging, despite challenges, should be a time of continued growth and development rather than decline. At a Morning Pointe Senior Living community, we provide you with a rich environment focusing on your needs and wants. Our programming connects to your interests while also introducing you to new possibilities. At each community, the Life Enrichment Director or Lantern Program Director heads up the creation of the monthly calendar. 

Stay “in the loop” with your loved one using LifeLoop! Designed to enhance communication between residents, family members and associates using a mobile or desktop app, this technology invites all parties to engage in day-to-day life at Morning Pointe. 

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Socialize, Explore, Learn, and Create

Morning Pointe communities support you in having a sense of purpose, which has been defined as “an intention to accomplish something that is both meaningful to you and important for the world beyond you.” Research shows that having this sense of purpose benefits physical, mental, and emotional health. We also focus on connecting you to the people and experiences that bring fulfillment. 

Pillars of Purpose
• Physical Health
• Intellectual Vitality
• Spiritual Fulfillment
• Social Engagement Creative Arts
Pillars of Connection
• Intergenerational Relationships
• Pets & Animals
• Stewardship
• Families
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The Morning Pointe In Motion life enrichment program is designed to invite you to tour virtual locations all over the world without ever having to board a plane! Each month, we create an on-site immersive experience of a different region that introduces you to new foods, history, and celebrations. 

For 2023 we'll "tour" the following exciting destinations


Memphis, TN


New Orleans, LA


Charleston, SC


Augusta, GA


Louisville, KY


Nashville, TN


Cheyenne, WY


Seattle, WA


Sequoia National Park


Albuquerque, NM


Los Angeles, CA


Oahu, HI

*Programs and services may vary by individual community and are subject to change at any time.