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Safeguarding Quality

A Standard of Excellence

Our approach to quality is proactive and comprehensive. We don’t wait for issues to arise; we put preventative measures in place. Regular standard of excellence checks are an integral part of our routine. These checks involve meticulously assessing every facet of our operations… from the cleanliness of our facilities to the quality of our care services. This allows us to maintain the highest standards and continually improve our offerings. 

Operations Team Visits

Members of our Operations team conduct regular walk-through visits. These visits provide an opportunity to observe our staff in action, inspect our facilities, and keep our services and environments up to the mark.  

Unannounced State Surveys

In addition to our internal checks, each of our buildings receives an annual unannounced visit from members of the state’s Department of Health. These independent evaluations are done among all senior living facilities nationwide and provide an extra layer of resident safety.  

Morning Pointe-Specific Checklists

Unique to our facilities, Morning Pointe-specific checklists are designed with an emphasis on resident safety and well-being. These extensive lists cover items from room safety checks to meal quality reviews. This attention to detail is what makes Morning Pointe a trusted name in senior living. 

At Morning Pointe Senior Living, our rigorous checks, unscheduled surveys, and specific checklists make our communities more than just places to live — they’re places to live well.

While Morning Pointe Senior Living strives to provide the best services and the highest quality possible, there may be opportunities for improvement, and we are always open to hearing suggestions.

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