Nelle Evans was born in Greene County. She was one of 7 girls and 2 boys. Mrs. Nelle has high respect for the Lord and after she graduated from high school she took a “Lay training course.” She trained to be a Lay leader for the United Methodist Church. Nelle traveled to different churches for special Lay speaking. She also sang for the church and played the piano, something she loves to do. With her Lay training, she also taught Sunday School classes, mainly the adult classes. Mrs. Nelle was married in 1947 to John for 50 wonderful years. Nelle has a talent for cooking and baking. She has no idea how many caramel cakes she has made for families and friends over the years. Nelle is a joy to be around and enjoys talking about her life and showing all of her pictures to our community. Nelle and her husband John had two boys that she loved dearly. One of her boys passed away from Leukemia and the other one was killed on his motorcycle. After her life changed she decided to put everything she had into working. She accepted a full-time position at J. C. Penneys in Greeneville and worked for 30 years, retiring once, returning later and ended up working for a total of 50 years. She was the best sales representative they had Nelle was also a correspondent for the Greeneville Daily Sun for many years following her mother’s work with the local news.