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Morning Pointe of Danville Couple Married 74 Years Celebrates Valentine’s Day Together

Senior couple celebrating 74 years together

“When you disagree, and you will, don’t do or say what you will wish later you had not said or done.”

This is one piece of advice Earl Adams says he’d give to any young married couple– and he should know. The WWII veteran is talking from 74 years of experience being married to Mrs. Lou Adams.

Their story began when Earl came home on leave from the navy in 1945. His parents told him there was a school teacher in town he should meet, so he did. They spent every day together during his leave and once he returned to base, they continued to write.

In 1946, Earl was given an honorable discharge and spent every day he could seeing Lou. The two become best friends with Earl’s friend Lee and his girlfriend.

The four of them all became such good friends, they decided to have a double wedding at Berea’s Danforth Chapel!

Now, 74 years later, Earl and Lou have two children and years of stories to tell us at Morning Pointe of Danville.

It’s love like theirs that reminds us why we work in senior living. We want to hear special stories from folks like Earl and Lou and we want to help them create more stories to tell years down the road.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Morning Pointe Sweethearts!

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