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Speech Therapy Makes a Difference for Morning Pointe Senior Living Residents

photo of Jo Faye Henry and speech therapist Heather Willey

When most people think of therapy services, they probably think of physical therapy, also known as PT. But did you know that speech therapy is another benefit that can assist seniors in improving their independence?

Morning Pointe Senior Living communities offer on-site speech therapy services in addition to physical and occupational therapies,
through our therapy partners, The Weston Group and HealthPRO Heritage. We also make paying for these services as easy as possible. Speech therapists, also known as speech-language pathologists or SLPs, provide services as needed at each of our campuses.

What Does Speech Therapy Do?

Speech therapy addresses problems with speech, language, communication, and swallowing. For seniors, this may include post-stroke muscular issues, complications with vocal volume or speech due to Parkinson’s disease, or other factors. Speech therapy can also address cognition, memory and problem solving.

Success Story

Jo Faye Henry, a resident at Morning Pointe of Hixson, Tennessee, Assisted Living and Memory Care, is one resident who has benefited from speech therapy. She experienced a stroke that resulted in aphasia, a language disorder that makes it hard to find words. Through on-site sessions with Heather Willey, speech therapist with The Weston Group, she has learned a variety of word-finding strategies to improve expressing her wants and needs, as well as better communicate with staff and peers in a variety of situations.

“Heather is a wonderful speech therapist and demonstrates caring and patience for her clients,” Jo Faye said.

Speech therapy has helped boost Jo Faye’s confidence in talking with fellow residents in the dining room, participating in activities, and engaging in social events. She now enjoys attending exercise class and playing bingo with her friends!

“I love working in the field of speech pathology because of how diverse and rewarding it is to help improve the lives of patients within their communities,” said Heather. “Working with them through their journeys and helping them achieve their goals from functional communication, to safe swallowing, or implementing dementia strategies, are all life-changing moments that I get to be a part of. It is truly a rewarding field.”

Thank you to Heather and to all of the speech therapists helping our Morning Pointe Senior Living residents to live their best lives.

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