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Morning Pointe Completes First Round Vaccination Of Over One-Third Of Its Communities Against COVID-19

Employee holding sign that reads "I got my COVID-19 vaccine for our residents"
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (January 22, 2021)

Morning Pointe Senior Living has administered the COVID-19 vaccine to over one-third of its communities through a partnership with CVS Pharmacy at its 35 senior communities across the southeast. Registration for the vaccine administration of Morning Pointe communities is at 100%, with only one building out of 35 waiting for a confirmed administration date. As part of a larger effort to eliminate the threat of COVID-19, Morning Pointe leadership has urged all associates and residents take the vaccine.

“This vaccine is a huge step forward in the fight against COVID-19, and it certainly can’t come soon enough for our residents and associates,” said Greg A. Vital, president of Morning Pointe Senior Living. “Our families are anxious to be reunited with their loved ones, and the vaccine is one of the steps toward doing just that.”

Vaccinations are underway in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, and Alabama through mid-April. This process requires getting the vaccine two times over a three- to four-week period for maximum efficacy. CVS Pharmacy healthcare workers provide the schedule and administer the vaccine on-site at each Morning Pointe location. Both the Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are being offered based on the state where the community is located.

Morning Pointe Senior Living is a senior healthcare services company that develops, manages, and owns Morning Pointe assisted living and The Lantern at Morning Pointe Alzheimer’s Center of Excellence communities in five southeastern states. IHP was founded in 1996 by Tennessee healthcare entrepreneurs Greg A. Vital and J. Franklin Farrow.

“I’m so proud of our residents and associates who have chosen to receive the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Heather Tussing, executive vice president of Morning Pointe Senior Living. “We are all ready to do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and help put an end to this pandemic.”

Leaders at Morning Pointe are working diligently to talk through the facts regarding the vaccine with residents and associates to help them make an informed decision about taking it. Additionally, each community is working with our medical directors and other area medical partners to provide open information sessions for associates and residents.

Recently, at Morning Pointe of Frankfort (Kentucky), a longtime resident helped change the mind of one associate who was undecided on taking the vaccine. Denice Lofton, housekeeper, shared after the conversation, “My residents are very dear to my heart, but I wasn’t sure about taking the vaccine until Mr. Wilson came to me and said, ‘We can’t afford to lose you, and everyone around here needs to get this [vaccine] because we need to open back up!’ My heart just told me I need to do this for them.”

The full schedule of vaccine clinics can be found by visiting www.morningpointe.com/covid_19.

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