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Approach matters in memory care

photo of Lones Green, Community Relations Director, with a resident

By Lones Green, Community Relations Director at The Lantern at Morning Pointe of Clinton, TN

Alzheimer’s and other related dementias often present differently in each person. We at The Lantern understand that. What works well for one of those we serve might not work for another. With the help of family members, our experience, effort, and time, we aim to tailor our approach for each resident to what works best for them.

From the way one finds meaning to the way one eats, it is our goal to find what works for each of our friends – and to put the puzzle pieces together under the roof that we serve them. We ask for the assistance of those we are connected with and who already know our residents. The Lantern at Morning Pointe works with a team of medical practitioners that serve our residents in their house. There is no need for us to look outward.

In my opinion, the most common theme that sets our community apart from others is our approach. I see two parts to this: our team’s general approach to resident care, as well as specific approach to care for each resident.

Approach matters, and it is what I believe we do very well. The culmination of the experience of our team members, paired with the belief in our community, makes the heart of our building.

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