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Memory Care Tip for Spring: Enjoy the Sunshine

photo from Lexington Lantern with cherry blossoms

The warm weather of spring offers the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

According to the National Institute of Health, “appropriate exposure to sunlight not only contributes to the production of vitamin D, which has been associated with enhanced bone health, mood, and cognitive functions, but also regulates the secretion of melatonin, which has been associated with the mediation of circadian rhythms, improved sleep quality, and optimized physical and social activity in the elderly.”

Sunlight may reduce the symptoms of sundowning experienced by persons living with dementia. The symptoms of sundowning include increased anxiety and agitation, usually in the late afternoon.

photo of resident and associate from The Lantern at Morning Pointe of Chattanooga in the garden

Besides the effects of sunshine, enjoying the outdoors offers many benefits for older adults. If your loved one is immobile, consider taking them to a beautiful place that is wheelchair-accessible and taking them for a “walk.” Or, take them for a scenic drive to a familiar area and reminisce about springtime activities they enjoyed when they were younger.

Consider hosting everyday activities such as meals or coffee hour outside. Perhaps plan a picnic! Appreciate nature by feeding the birds or listening for their singing voices. There are apps such as Merlin Bird ID which will identify which bird is singing. There are innumerable ways to enjoy what nature has to offer!

So, go outside and experience the healing benefits of the sun!

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