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Morning Pointe Senior Living’s January Hobbies Theme Highlights Resident Pastimes

Happy About Hobbies collage 2024

In January, Morning Pointe Senior Living communities have been exploring the theme Happy About Hobbies, and residents have a wide variety of interests.

Meet a few of our residents who are passionate about their pastimes, and click the heading on each of them to watch their videos!

photo of Vincenta Cooper, 104, at Morning Pointe of Knoxville, TN
Vincenta Cooper with some of her greeting cards

Vincenta Cooper – 104 – Morning Pointe of Knoxville, Tennessee

Vincenta uses Microsoft Word on her computer to make greeting cards. And she only learned how to use the computer at age 75! She enjoys the fun of graphic design while bringing joy to others as she gives the cards to friends and family. She even auctioned some of her cards off at a fundraiser this winter to support the Morning Pointe Foundation.

“It’s been a real life-saver, and I’m grateful to be able to continue it here at Morning Pointe,” Vincenta said.

photo Mike Sobel, a resident at Morning Pointe of Chattanooga
Mike Sobel

Mike Sobel – 86 – Morning Pointe of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mike has been practicing the art of photography since he received his first “brownie” camera as a child. Once he started taking photos, he was hooked for life! Whether it’s a portrait of a posing individual or capturing the moment with just the right lighting and composition, Mike enjoys it all. He has won some awards for his work and is an active member of the Photographic Society of Chattanooga.

“I take great pleasure when I can take a portrait, for example, and give it to that person,” Mike said. “The expression on people’s faces when you give them a photograph is priceless.”

photo of WIlma Cale, resident at Morning Pointe of Collegedale at Greenbriar Cove
WIlma Cale with one of her breakaway boxes

Wilma Cale – 97 – Morning Pointe of Collegedale at Greenbriar Cove, Tennessee

Wilma has a little-known hobby of making breakaway boxes, small scenes similar to what one finds in a dollhouse that fit together nicely inside a box. She learned how to make these unique pieces at a crafting class while vacationing in Florida. She makes all kinds of scenes, including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, living rooms and holiday themes, such as Halloween or Christmas.

“I love to do them because I never know how they’re going to turn out,” Wilma shared. “It’s hard to get the pieces in there without touching one another.”

photo of Elizabeth Morris, resident at Morning Pointe of Knoxville
Elizabeth Morris with one of her paintings

Elizabeth Morris – 82 – Morning Pointe of Knoxville, Tennessee

Elizabeth has been painting since she was a child. “I just loved it – even if I found a can of paint in the basement, I’d just get into it and paint on old boards or anything I could get a hold of,” she said.

Originally, Elizabeth mostly used oil paints, but over time, she switched to acrylics.

“Painting releases a creativity within you that you’re proud of,” Elizabeth said.


These residents barely scratch the surface of all the fascinating and fulfilling hobbies our residents enjoy at Morning Pointe Senior Living! There are others who knit, sew, do woodworking, bake, play instruments, write, do loom weaving and more.

If you have any hobbies you want to share, Morning Pointe loves its volunteers and encourages your involvement at a community near you. Sign up to volunteer here: https://morningpointe.com/volunteer/

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