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Morning Pointe of Richmond Executive Director Serves Former Teacher as Resident

photo of Cristy Winkler, executive director at Morning Pointe of Richmond, and resident Emma Reams, her former teacher

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10, 2024. We all have those special teachers we remember forever. But how many of us dream we will take care of our former teachers when we are older?

For Cristy Winkler, executive director at Morning Pointe of Richmond, Kentucky, one of her former teachers came back into her life as a resident at her senior living community.

Emma Reams is 83 years old and a former teacher at Madison Southern High School in Berea, Kentucky. Cristy took home economics from her.

Emma Reams in 1992
Emma Reams in 1992

“What I remember most about Mrs. Reams is her patience and kindness, especially when she was trying to teach boys life skills such as cooking,” said Cristy.

For her part, Emma remembers Cristy’s interest in the class and how she always wanted to be a helper to her and her classmates.

Learning is for Life

Cristy’s favorite part of the class was learning to cook new dishes. Her favorite was the turkey casserole. Cristy says 30 years later, she still makes this dish for her family. “The class helped me develop interest in trying new things,” said Cristy. “It also helped me to think about my future and what things I took for granted that my parents did for me that I would have to do for my own family someday.”

Cristy in her 1992 senior year
Cristy in her 1992 senior year

Emma shared, “My favorite part of the class was all my students and watching them develop into young men and women ready to enter the world. My goal for all my students was to instill important daily life skills that they would need to manage their own adult lives.”

Well, Emma, not only does Cristy still remember the life skills that you taught her, but she is even passing those lessons on to her daughter.

Emma is proud of Cristy’s accomplishments, and when she moved in to Morning Pointe of Richmond, it was very reassuring to see her former student’s face.

Ladies, happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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