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Morning Pointe Senior Living Celebrates National Caregiver Day 2024

photo of Loretta Cameron with Sarah Parker

Whose smiling faces are the first to greet Morning Pointe Senior Living residents each day? Whose gentle hands assist residents with daily activities? These are our resident assistants (RAs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs).

Feb. 16 is National Caregiver Day, a time to recognize these vital associates who provide an arm to lean on, ears to listen, and eyes to notice changes in condition. They give so much to take care of these precious older adults. And the reward is not only knowing they make a positive difference but also getting to build friendships with the residents.

photo of Loretta Cameron

Loretta Cameron, lead certified nursing assistant at Morning Pointe of Richmond, Kentucky, has worked at the community for more than 10 years and has developed a wonderful rapport with her residents. Many of the men even ask her to cut their hair! We interviewed Loretta and one of her treasured residents, Sarah Parker, 78, about the bond between caregiver and resident.

“I love my residents – I feel like they’re the grandparents that I never had,” said Loretta. “It makes me want to come to work because I know they need us here. We’re family here, and I love each and every one of them.”

Sarah shared: “Loretta helps me at mealtime. She helps me at bedtime. She helps any time we need her. She is always available to help any one of us. I lost my husband in August and it means so much to me to have people at Morning Pointe that want to help you… and there is love there. Every person here feels so good about themselves because of how Morning Pointe is so loving and just like your family.”

photo of Loretta with other CNAs

To Loretta and all our CNAs and RAs, Morning Pointe Senior Living says “Thank you.” Happy Caregiver Day!

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