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Military Band Man – The Contributions of Morning Pointe of Franklin Resident Ed Boudreau

photo of Ed Boudreau

There have been three big loves in the life of Ed Boudreau, a resident at Morning Pointe of Franklin, Indiana – his wife, his military career, and his music.

Born in 1929 in Massachusetts, Ed grew up in a loving and wonderful family. Music was the first love to come into his life as he started playing the saxophone at age 10. He also later learned to play the bass.

“I just like music,” Ed said.

As a student at Strong Vincent High School in Eerie, Pennsylvania, he played in the band.

At age 17, Ed was drafted into the Army, serving for about a year before being discharged. Then, he re-enlisted in the military, but this time in the Air Force… and his unit’s band. He was stationed in Korea from 1951-1953 and described the conflict as “very rough, very bad.”

 “Sometimes I would have to put down my instrument and pick up a gun,” he said. “I got shot in the shoulder.”

Ed earned a Purple Heart.

photo of Ed Boudreau playing the saxophone
Ed Boudreau playing the saxophone

He also went back and forth between the Army and Air Force several times.

Besides Korea, Ed was stationed in different locations around the world throughout his 20-year military career, including England, Switzerland, and Germany. And he always played music, working his way up to not just a saxophone and bass player but also a conductor.

One highlight of his career was playing in the band with the 31st Infantry at a parade in New York City.

The other side of music that Ed enjoyed was dancing.

“I met my wife, Doris, in Germany, at a dance,” Ed said. “We fell in love, and she said, ‘You’re going to take me home with you.’”

Ed thought Doris was pretty special. They married on July 4, 1969, and of course, Ed was only too glad to take her home with him to the States after retiring from the military in 1971. He discharged as a sergeant.

photo of Ed and Doris
Ed and Doris

As a civilian, Ed started selling life insurance. He sometimes volunteered to ring the bell for Christmastime donations to the Salvation Army, and he enjoyed gardening and ballroom dancing and traveling in a trailer with Doris. He played in The Greenwood Civilian Band for a while as well.

Ed moved in to Morning Pointe of Franklin, Indiana, in October 2019, after Doris passed away.

“Someone said, ‘Go to the Pointe. They’ve got good food, and they’ll take good care of you,’” Ed shared. “And by golly, they take good care of me!”

Ed enjoys the friendships he has developed at the community and, of course, the music. At 93, he still has his saxophone, and he still has the music inside of him.

Thank you, Ed, for your contributions to our country, for sharing your music and for choosing to be part of our Morning Pointe family!

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