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Morning Pointe of Danville family member shares her experience with Alzheimer’s care

Steve Campbell with his cocker spaniel, Addie

By Ashley MacDonnell

About My Dad

Steve Campbell, my father, was born and raised in the same small town he calls home today: Danville, Kentucky.

Dad served in the United States Air Force as a B-52 Aircraft Commander before beginning a 35-year career with American Airlines. He is the loving father of myself and my brother, Nick Campbell, and proud grandfather to my son, William MacDonell. In his free time, Dad loves playing golf, traveling the world, and playing with his precious cocker spaniel, Addie!

photo of Steve Campbell in Air Force uniform


What Morning Pointe has Meant to Us

When Dad first started exhibiting signs that something was “wrong,” Nicholas and I were both in our 20s. There truly is no guidebook on how to care for someone with Alzheimer’s… every case is different.

Nicholas and I were both in the beginning stages of our adult lives and trying to find a way to care for dad while beginning our own lives. We were both living out-of-state. When we came for a tour at Morning Pointe of Danville (KY), we were at a stage of confusion, heartbreak, fear, and exhaustion. It had been a nightmare – trying to find a way for Dad to live a full and happy life, all while making sure that he was healthy and safe.

When we walked in the doors at Morning Pointe, we were met by a friendly staff, who quickly took us to Tabitha Teague. The next moment will stay with me for the rest of my life. I came into her office, my spirit depleted and my heart broken. We felt so lost in trying to find a solution for Dad. She was the first person throughout this process to look me in the eye and speak comfort to my heart.

She said, “Everything is going to be okay. You’re here now! Your dad is going to be all right, and we’ll be by your side throughout this process. We’ve got you.”

photo of Steve Campbell and his children in an airplane cockpit

The relief I felt in that moment should be the feeling anyone is provided when going through the caretaker’s role. Since Dad has joined the Morning Pointe community, he is a different person. He is happy, thriving, socializing, and has gained back the 30 pounds he lost in the 3 months before he moved in (plus some, if we’re being honest – kudos to the chef!). Nicholas and I get to go to sleep each night without worrying about another house fire or any of the hundreds of other concerns that plagues the mind of someone caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Tabitha and the staff have also have an open ear, helping us troubleshoot the obstacles that can come up throughout Dad’s fight against Alzheimer’s. They are truly by our side, and there’s nothing I can say or write that can express the level of gratitude I feel for the staff of Morning Pointe of Danville. They are one of the biggest blessings in our lives, and most definitely Dad’s.

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