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Morning Pointe Senior Living couples celebrate years of love

Valentine's Day couples collage

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be…” – Robert Browning

Many couples, including some longtime married duos at Morning Pointe’s campuses, know this to be true. This Valentine’s Day, Morning Pointe Senior Living invites you to meet some of the couples who call Morning Pointe home… and to learn their keys to a happy marriage.


Charlie and Edna Shannon's wedding photo
Charlie and Edna Shannon’s wedding photo

Charlie and Edna Shannon – residents at Morning Pointe of Danville (KY) Personal Care

Charlie and Edna have been married for 67 years and still adore each other.

They met at a school party, and Charlie started calling Edna every once in a while. Soon, they were officially dating, encouraged by Charlie’s sister, who was a friend of Edna’s. They wed on July 2, 1955.

“We try to help each other as much as we can,” said Charlie, a retired police officer. “The reason our marriage has been long is because we are Christians and try to do the right thing.”

The Shannons moved into Morning Pointe of Danville in January 2022, and their love continues strong.

“Every day, I think more of her,” said Charlie of his wife. “I’d marry the same woman all over again.”


photo of Jim and Debbie Reeves
Jim and Debbie Reeves

Jim and Debbie Reeves – residents at Morning Pointe of Lexington-East (KY) Personal Care

Jim and Debbie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2022. They met when Jim worked for Debbie’s uncle in Silver Grove, Kentucky, and they started dating at age 15 but broke up when Debbie’s dad relocated to Lexington for work.

Five days after Jim’s high school graduation, he moved to Lexington, and they got back together, despite the fact that Debbie’s dad didn’t like Jim.

When Debbie’s father went out of town on a business trip, Jim and Debbie got married. It turned out to be a great decision as 50 years later, she was the only sibling out of eight who hasn’t been divorced.

“I think one key to a happy marriage for us is that both of our parents stayed married, so we had an example to look up to,” said Debbie.

The Reeves have two children as well.


photo of Carrell and Jean Anderson
Carrell and Jean Anderson

Carrell and Jean Anderson – residents at Morning Pointe of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Carrell and Jean met at Abilene Christian College in Texas in 1948 and have been married for 73 wonderful years!

The couple has four children, 10 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren.

“The key to a happy marriage is that you have to love each other, compliment one another and also compromise with each other’s needs,” said Carrel. “I love that Emma Jean has always put her family first, and she’s very caring and compassionate.”


photo of Harrison and MaryJo Gilley
Harrison and MaryJo Gilley

Harrison and MaryJo Gilley – residents at Morning Pointe of Knoxville (TN) Assisted Living

The Gilleys have been married for 65 years and have been residents at Morning Pointe of Knoxville for a year and a half.

The couple met at church and went on to have two daughters, Debbie and Donna, both of whom volunteer at the campus to call bingo! They also have four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Each Valentine’s Day, Harrison buys a gift for MaryJo, though he said that after they began having grandchildren, the gifts started going to them instead!

When asked about their key to a good marriage, Harrison joked, “I do what she says.”

MaryJo shared, “It’s friendship, liking each other.”


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of these couples and more! Love, your Morning Pointe Family

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