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Libby Sansom loves the caring opportunities of third shift at Morning Pointe of Tullahoma

photo of Libby Sansom, lead 3rd shift RA at Morning Pointe of Tullahoma

Libby Sansom has always enjoyed taking care of others, and she has found that being the lead resident assistant on the third shift at Morning Pointe of Tullahoma, Tennessee, is a great fit for her.

As Morning Pointe Senior Living celebrates Third Shift Workers Day on May 8, 2024, we thought we’d shine the light on one of our incredible associates who does so much to care for our residents in the quiet hours of the night.

Libby started working at the assisted living and memory care community in August 2023. She had previous experience as a caregiver, both with caring for her grandfather and also working at a group home for the mentally challenged. She took 10 years to be a stay-at-home mom to her three sons. When she returned to the working world, she knew her mother had had a good experience working at Morning Pointe of Tullahoma until a back injury left her unable to work there.

“I love caring for our residents and putting a smile on their faces,” Libby said. “I know the little things I do can make their day so much better. They can come and talk to me, and I feel I’m very fortunate to get to know the residents on each side of the building.”

Libby was promoted to lead RA about a month ago, providing leadership to her night shift team and taking care of residents on both the assisted living wing and the memory care wing.

“I couldn’t ask for a better team,” she said. “Some of them are my strength, and some of them are my speed, and we work really well together.”

Although Libby doesn’t see every resident every night, she does get to develop some relationships with some residents, including the 104-year-old resident in assisted living who is still very independent and likes to stay up until 11, and a lot of the memory care residents who wake up early and are ready to get up and going at 5 a.m.

photo of Libby Sansom with her three sons

And for Libby, working the night shift is a blessing in that it enables her the freedom as a single mom to be more hands-on with her children, taking them to doctor’s appointments or meetings during the day.

“I couldn’t ask for a better job,” Libby said.

Thank you, Libby, for being there for our residents and your team. To you and to all our third-shift workers, we appreciate your dedication and compassion! Thank you for being part of our Morning Pointe family!

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