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Morning Pointe of Russell Nursing Assistant benefits from tuition reimbursement program

photo of Fannie Elkins, CNA

Morning Pointe Senior Living offers its associates tuition reimbursement for furthering their education in the senior living field. Fannie Elkins, a clinical staff member at Morning Pointe of Russell, Kentucky, is one of the most recent staff members to benefit.

Fannie came to the senior living campus as a Resident Assistant 11 years ago wanting to change her career from being a hairdresser to caring for seniors.

“I’ve always had a passion for taking care of the elderly,” Fannie shared. “I love working here. The residents are just like an extension of my family. As for my coworkers, we have the best team here.”

Fannie noticed several other associates enrolling in a Certified Nursing Assistant class at nearby Ashland Community and Technical College and had heard good things about the program. She decided to do the same.

“I just want to better myself and be a better employee for Morning Pointe,” Fannie said. “My goal is to eventually get my RN.”

Fannie took part in the CNA class that met once a week from January until May. The class integrated academic learning with clinical experiences and scenarios, and Fannie was thankful for the support of her coworkers and supervisors in taking the time to complete the class. She graduated with a 4.0.

After taking the board exam on May 19, Fannie expects to hear the results in a few weeks, receive her certificate and move up to a CNA position at Morning Pointe of Russell.

Of course, having Morning Pointe Senior Living reimburse her tuition helped make this dream possible for Fannie.

“I was very thankful for the tuition reimbursement,” Fannie said. “It allowed me to work my schedule and be able to afford to go back to school. I was very thankful for the opportunity that you all gave me to do that.”

Fannie added that the process of getting the reimbursement was very easy.

For any Morning Pointe associates thinking about pursuing further education, she says: “I would tell them to go for it – I always think it’s good to better yourself. I would highly encourage this program.”

Interested associates can contact their supervisor or Executive Director.

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